The Egyptian Theme Lounge Bar
For the Egyptians, 'Heka' or 'magic' was a divine force which existed in the universe like 'power' or 'strength' and which could be personified in the form of the God Heka. Mythologically, Heka was believed to have existed since the time of creation and is said to have empowered the phenomena of creation itself so that the God Heka could likewise be seen as the Creator himself. Heka literally meant activating the Ka, the aspect of the soul, the vital spark which represented life.
In keeping with its character, the lounge bar at The Stadel, a three star boutique hotel situated under the ramps has actually recreated magic for its patrons that translates itself into the 70 cover Egyptian extravaganza. The moment one enters its domain, they are enthralled by the old-world architecture and charm of ancient Egyptian civilizations. The lounge bar provides guests with an amiable atmosphere of camaraderie and bonhomie along with a sense of 'royalty', amongst the pharaohs and ancient Gods adorning its walls.

Once the awe and charm of a bygone era begins to settle down on the senses, guests can delight at the varied drinks and cocktails on offer, ranging from the mundane and old-school to the experimental and new-age concoctions. It is this ambivalence of the old and new which is the essence of the place. Although, to be precise it's the 'vibe'of the people who frequent this lounge which is the vital life-force running though its veins.

Guests can experience a sense of time-travel every weekend with the in house DJ belting out commercial tunes all through the night. For those who prefer the road less travelled, 'Groove Effect' at Heka organizes special nights which are definitely events to write home about, with eminent and widely-followed DJs spanning all across the country and worldwide playing alternative as well as mainstream music from across the globe.

Heka serves lip smacking starters from Master Chef Narayan Chatterjee's kitchen like Green Garlic Chicken, Batter Fried Prawn, Crispy Conjie Lamb. For Veggie lovers the menu offers a range of finger food and snacks like Cheese Balls, Cheese Cherry Pineapple. Also on offer is Chef's tandoor speciality, and all this, without burning a hole in your pocket. The superb cuisine of an exclusive boutique hotel 'The Stadel' is highlighted as Heka appears in the list of the city's food guide columns effortlessly with its Indian, Chinese, Continental and Lebanese menu.

The exotic experience also runs parallel with the DJ music that captivates those who want to immerse themselves in the luxury of this 70 cover Egyptian extravaganza. The giant screen also offers guests to watch their favourite events allowing them to feel completely at ease whether it is the IPL or the FIFA world Cup.



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